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Over the past week, the little farmstead has seen an alteration in its avain population.  First, an Americauna rooster was killed by our soon-to-be-leaving Spaniel mix.  She shows too great an interest in killing smaller things to keep around our … Continue reading

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Well, it’s spring.  That means all sorts of things developing around the house.  We have garden sites under construction.  The pizza garden is still developing, and should be finished soon.  Then will come the terraced strawberry beds in front of … Continue reading

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Well, I think it’s over.  The ground’s so dry, watering is pretty fruitless.  I need to read up on what special I may need to do with the surprise turnips.  I also need to decide if I’m harvesting any sunflower … Continue reading

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The Weekend

The past week has been busy, to say the least.  It doesn’t seem as if there’s enough time each day right now to accomplish what needs to be done.  Tuesday, I had the house to myself and stayed home to … Continue reading

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Squash Fatalities

Well, there may be fatalities, but definitely one already.  Sorry, no pics.  I didn’t have the camera on me last night when I discovered the invader: a squash vine borer.  The bugger claimed a yellow crook neck squash and may … Continue reading

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After watching this episode of Nature on PBS last night, I’m wondering if the only real hope for the honeybee that calls North America home is for a revival of small scale beekeeping?  The mass agribusiness approach to bees may … Continue reading

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New Blogroll Entry/Pic

Well, you just might have noticed a new little pick over to the left saying “Take Back Your Food!”.  It’s a rally cry to revitalize the lost art of gardening.  It’s an act of rebellion against the agribusiness sector that … Continue reading

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Quiet Lately

It’s been quiet on the blog lately due to a crazy season in our neighborhood.  The spring/summer children’s activities have commenced, gardening and lawn care are in full swing, we have a puppy and 8 growing chicks, who need an … Continue reading

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