The Herd

The herd had grown in the past month.  Eight more kids, four sets of twins, now prance and bounce around the pen.  Here are a few pics of the caprine critters.  More will show up later.

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Well, kidding season is under way here on our little ‘stead.  Four kids so far: 2 sets of twins, both buckling and doeling on each.  First set came from a Nubian dam, the second from an Alpine.  All are doing well, kids are bouncing around the field, happy as could be.  We’ll see if they’re still happy after this weekend, with the planned disbudding.

Philippians is proving to be a challenge as a discipline.  It’s interesting how old translations can really bugger up your mind.  Philippians 1:3-5 is in my head from some other translation, and the ESV, despite its elegance, has proved to be very difficult to get in.  That’s thrown much of the schedule off for me.  But despair, I do not.  I will trudge along, praying to complete the task.  I may not end, however, with everyone else.

On similar, spiritual notes, please take a look at this quotable from R. J. Hayton.  This one is from Dorothy Sayers, from one of my favorites essays of hers, “Creed or Chaos?”.  It’s a magnificent explanation of what Christianity is, that it requires the uncomfortable and difficult task of dogma, or systematics, to be anything.  It’s not a feeling, a perception.  It’s truth, and it’s not something you can learn in a few sentences.  Read the full essay online, if you like.


Solo Deo Gloria,


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A Complement to Writing Scripture

I just happened to see this today via twitter and want to get in on it.  I’ve grabbed the helpful pdf and dead-treed it to stick in a waiting cahier at home.  Take a look.  If you’re interested, sign up here.


Merry Christmas to all.

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Update on Writing

Well, my previous post on writing out scripture has been lingering here for long enough.  Truth be told, I’ve not put the effort I planned into this.  But, that comes with life when you are the father of five.  There’s been enough sickness over the past month or so, along with visits from family.  So, I’ve not persevered like I planned.  I did, however, finish a book.

If you start down this path, I’d encourage you to select a short book, say an epistle.  I chose Colossians – short (4 chapters), but there’s plenty to notice as you stroll through.  And that is the benefit I’ve seen: you are forced to slow down, chunk through the text piece by piece, then write it yourself.  The one thing I would change is to write only on the left page, thus leaving the the facing page for notes, comments, etc.  There were several places where I had those “a-ha” moments, but I failed to note them.

As for the hardware, I’m a bit idiosyncratic, liking the same, or very similar pens (in output) for writing.  I keep one with me at all times.  So, I used that one, entering Colossians into a large lined Moleskine.  It lies flat well (something that I wish a Miquelrius Flexible would do better) and makes the input fairly easy.

Let me know if you try this, how it works for you.  I’d be interested at other’s insights here.  And I’ll see about snapping some pics later, but no promises there either.

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No, this post isn’t about writing in general, but about writing, particularly copying.  In Deuteronomy 17, we have what is called the Law of the King.  The basic idea here is that God, in his sovereignty, knew that Israel would not be content with the Lord God as their ruler.  Rather, they would want a king like the nations.  So, in his infinite wisdom, God provided rules to govern the to-be king.  One of the laws was this:

Deuteronomy 17:18 “And when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, he shall write for himself in a book a copy of this law, approved by the Levitical priests.”

Why this obscure Old Testament reference?  I recently saw a post about Reformation Heritage’s Journibles.  The idea they had in creating these volumes is that most folks are kinetic learners; that is, we learn by doing/writing/some other physical act.  The physical reinforces the learning.  Seeing the aforementioned OT passage, they made a notebook for the express purpose of writing scripture by your own hand.  So far, they cover much of the New Testament Epistles, the Gospel of John, and Proverbs.  The volumes space on the left page for copying scripture; the right is for notes, comments, etc.

Now, I don’t own one of these volumes, but I started something similar today.  At lunch, I started copying the book of Colossians.  You see, I’ve carried a small article around in my planner for two years, along with a laminated copy of Colossians (it can fit on one sheet of paper).  The article, which I can no longer find online, is “Scripture Memory: Uploading Chunks” by Chris Gonzalez (a VI Resource Paper) and it details how it is better, and can be more efficient, to memorize hunks of scripture.  The example encourages using a small book, like Colossians.  So, today I started writing the book in an effort to get more into this practice.

The idea is solid from several perspectives.  But you don’t necessarily need the Journible.  Any pen and paper will suffice to copy scripture.  If you want it consolidated into one location, then a Journible might help.

Think about it.  If you try it, let me know how it goes.  I’ll see about posting a bit more as I go on.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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I’ve hung out on DIY*Planner for several years. I don’t say much there, but I’ve gained a great deal reading. 2011 will be my third fourth DIY-Planner year. I didn’t realize it’d been going on so long. The template has stayed the same for a while, but I’ve grown a bit annoyed with it. I’ve toyed with changing all year, from a drastic overhaul to more modest changes. Well, modest was the ticket this year. Here they are:
DIY Template for 2011, page 1
DIY Template for 2011, page 2


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Rain, Rain

The rains have come. We have a bit of a tropical storm heading our way, preceded by rains from an independent system. The prognostication of significant amounts of water accelerated a few things around the house. Namely: bringing in a temporary roofing fix for the goats.

I quickly finished off the roof on the latest house (for the milking does pen) last night. Let me tell you, it’s no fun going into a pen of curious goats with a 5 gallon bucket of tools and supplies. The best analogy I can come up with is working while watching a toddler. Toddlers, as many know, are highly curious, and at times, investigate the world via the mouth. That’s just was the goats were doing. Nibbling on handles, chewing on empty plastic bags (fence clips) or chewing a label off of some bolt cutters. Nothing ingested, but plenty of nibbling.

Lunch today consisted of a quick sandwich at the house, followed by pulling a 16’X30′ tarp over two of the houses in a light rain. Follow that up with trying to secure one. I can testify to the fact that two sets of hands are easier getting something that large in place than one. And it would be far easier when try as well. Follow that up with a quick AP of Burundi Kayanza Bwayi and back off to work.

But, we have covered houses now up for the goats. They will have a larger dry place to lay and dry location for feed. I hope they enjoy.

Solo Deo Gloria,

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Goat Update

Well, finally, I made it out during daylight hours with a camera. I’ve been aiming to document the new shelters I’ve been building hoop houses for shelter: one for hay and two for the goats. I can’tcurrently find the site where I found the original pictures Here’s the place where I got the particular idea, but I can tell you I got the general idea from a Hobby Farms issue we had hanging around.

The plan is simple, fairly affordable and easy to build. Each shelter ends up being 16′ long with a maximum height of about 9′ and a width of 10′. Each side requires five t-posts and a single 16′. The shelters will be covered by tarps, most likely a billboard tarp. Here’s a side view with an old tarp on for the visual idea:
Hoop-House Shelter 1

Here’s a through shot for reference:
Hoop-House Shelter

Finally, the boys. About a month ago, we added another Nubian buck, Shaeffer. Genetically, he and our spring buck are related. Shaeffer’s sire is the grand-sire of Pete.
This gives us some help with balancing breeding, but a single line that is a good milk line.


Maybe later I can get a few pics of the does soon.

Solo Deo Gloria,

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Promises, Promises

Well, for starters, I haven’t forgotten my promise to post a few pics of the caprines. Just haven’t made it out with the camera. Last night, it was tending to a stuck elder buck, while trying to reset a band on one of the younger’s horns. One is holding well, the second, not so well. Tonight, if the rain holds, I’ll try to snap a photo before I commence assaulting his poor head. One thing’s sure – this guy has some lungs!

But, thankfully, it’s looking like rain now. We’ve been very dry this year, so I won’t complain. Take it in stride, giving thanks for what we do have.

Solo Deo Gloria,

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Well, photos were promised, but they’re not yet delivered. Of what, you ask?

Of a new goat, that’s what. Last Friday evening, I took my oldest and two youngest and we picked up a new Nubian buckling. We needed another buck to keep lines ‘clean’. This guy came from a line of good milkers, so we have good hope for him.

The little guy is a nice sable brown with typical Nubian ears. He’s fitting in well, though not yet housed with our other buck. There’s only two months between them, but the older buck, Pete is much larger, heftier and a bit more aggressive.  So, for Schaeffer’s safety, he’s in with the milkers now.

Photos soon!

Solo Deo Gloria,


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