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Another Year

And all sorts of new challenges. We’re out of the goat world, at least for now. It was a hard and sad call to make, but we feel it was for the best. Relocating with livestock is no easy feat, … Continue reading

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Lately, life had been hot and busy.  Hot – it’s been one of the hottest summers on record in our little burg.  Multiple days over 100, hitting 108 last Saturday.  The garden was pretty well burned up, which means I … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2008

Well, we’re back home after three days of travel that also included homeroast, as most trips do.  The 4.5 hour drive to my mother-in-law’s on Wednesday was uneventful, thankfully!  We arrived just fine.  Along for the ride was some Tanzania … Continue reading

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I have several projects in the wings. I’ve been thinking on several, but for clarification, I’ll list them out first. New garden bed preps Dog kennel Chicken/goat fencing/pens Bees On #1, time has slipped.  Raining now, so maybe soon I … Continue reading

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A Laboring Weekend

Well, the postponed bathroom remodel had arrived, and I must step up to the task. So, the slightly long weekend must get longer, with some tearout to do: ceiling, floor tile, shower, and vanity. The toilet is the least of … Continue reading

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Well, I think it’s over.  The ground’s so dry, watering is pretty fruitless.  I need to read up on what special I may need to do with the surprise turnips.  I also need to decide if I’m harvesting any sunflower … Continue reading

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The Weekend

The past week has been busy, to say the least.  It doesn’t seem as if there’s enough time each day right now to accomplish what needs to be done.  Tuesday, I had the house to myself and stayed home to … Continue reading

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Squash Fatalities

Well, there may be fatalities, but definitely one already.  Sorry, no pics.  I didn’t have the camera on me last night when I discovered the invader: a squash vine borer.  The bugger claimed a yellow crook neck squash and may … Continue reading

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What is it, you ask? This can give you some more info. It’s an old drink, great for quenching thirst. I learned of it at the Urban Homestead’s blog a few weeks ago and noted it. This Sunday afternoon, I … Continue reading

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Week’s Roasts

Took a break this afternoon and descended to the shop to roast while the children were out playing with the new puppy.  Yes, a new puppy arrived via the Farmer’s Market last Saturday.  She’s doing well, enjoying playing with the … Continue reading

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