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Coffee, Goats & M’Cheyne

I guess since Kaldi is virtually the patron ‘saint’ of coffee, the mixed title is appropriate.  With the goats at our micro site, they’re doing quite well.  Deliveries this season so far: three.  Two kids survived and are doing well. … Continue reading

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Some days, I definitely feel like Kaldi.  This weekend was one of those days.  Saturday after an outing and brief rest, our eldest daughter comes in exclaiming that the buck is in the doe pen.  Separation is a virtue when … Continue reading

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The Herd – Conclusion

The herd stabilization is now complete.  In total, we had nine kids, the last when our two-year old Toggenburg kidded on February 20th.  We sold one doe with kids to a friend so they could start milking.  Now, we have four does … Continue reading

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Well, kidding season is under way here on our little ‘stead.  Four kids so far: 2 sets of twins, both buckling and doeling on each.  First set came from a Nubian dam, the second from an Alpine.  All are doing … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain

The rains have come. We have a bit of a tropical storm heading our way, preceded by rains from an independent system. The prognostication of significant amounts of water accelerated a few things around the house. Namely: bringing in a … Continue reading

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Goat Update

Well, finally, I made it out during daylight hours with a camera. I’ve been aiming to document the new shelters I’ve been building hoop houses for shelter: one for hay and two for the goats. I can’tcurrently find the site … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises

Well, for starters, I haven’t forgotten my promise to post a few pics of the caprines. Just haven’t made it out with the camera. Last night, it was tending to a stuck elder buck, while trying to reset a band … Continue reading

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Well, photos were promised, but they’re not yet delivered. Of what, you ask? Of a new goat, that’s what. Last Friday evening, I took my oldest and two youngest and we picked up a new Nubian buckling. We needed another … Continue reading

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