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Coffee, Goats & M’Cheyne

I guess since Kaldi is virtually the patron ‘saint’ of coffee, the mixed title is appropriate.  With the goats at our micro site, they’re doing quite well.  Deliveries this season so far: three.  Two kids survived and are doing well. … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Today was up after a long night with a little guy and a fever. Goats needed milking. Done. In my fatigue, I forgot when I went out to milk that I needed to roast a bit. This light went off … Continue reading

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Roasting & Christmas

After a failed attempt to nap, I headed down to the workshop to tend to a few Christmas duties. Among those things accomplished was an extra roast, alleviating the need to roast in a few days, plus providing more rest … Continue reading

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Celebrating the 4th

In a house full of children, getting out for the convential celebrations can be challenging, especially when one is still an infant.  Couple that with the small town phenomenon, and we skipped the fireworks.  We did have a nice, albeit … Continue reading

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On sunshine and cold weather

The morn today was brisk and cold, about 17F.  Cooked a pot of date oatmeal for the clan, along with some sourdough toast.  The bad part of this morning was twofold: until number 5 is in established rhythms, I’ll miss … Continue reading

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Roasting, Week of Jan 19th

My typical roasting schedule has been upset.  Normally, Sunday night is the night, once the kids are down.  That came and went.  Yesterday, being a holiday was a good candidate in my mind.  After a long day at home, and … Continue reading

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New Page Up

If you take a gander up at the top menu bar, you’ll notice a new page at the far right: Roastings. Roastings is a new page where I will endeavor to copy my current roast logs.  I’ve found myself at … Continue reading

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Off to home. Need to roast tonight. Get the door hanging started, if not finished so I can do some much needed crib repairs. It will be needed, possibly sooner than later! Solo Deo Gloria, jason

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Weekend Redux

A full weekend it twas. The roasting demo went very well. There was not a great deal of continual traffic, but there was significant interest in the ease of home roasting coffee. Many were impressed at the ease and some … Continue reading

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Roasting with Mark F.

As a frequenter of BoingBoing, I enjoy catching their BBTV episodes.  Well, to my surprise this morning, I see that there’s a BBTV video of Mark F. taking a tour of Intelligentisa West‘s roasting operations.  Cool vid.  Check it out.  … Continue reading

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