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Wok Roasting

Well, as we were in the process of relocating (meaning while I was spending the week away at a new job and weekends at home), my trusty West Bend Poppery breathed its last. As it turns out, the coffee heating … Continue reading

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Coffee, Goats & M’Cheyne

I guess since Kaldi is virtually the patron ‘saint’ of coffee, the mixed title is appropriate.  With the goats at our micro site, they’re doing quite well.  Deliveries this season so far: three.  Two kids survived and are doing well. … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain

The rains have come. We have a bit of a tropical storm heading our way, preceded by rains from an independent system. The prognostication of significant amounts of water accelerated a few things around the house. Namely: bringing in a … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Today was up after a long night with a little guy and a fever. Goats needed milking. Done. In my fatigue, I forgot when I went out to milk that I needed to roast a bit. This light went off … Continue reading

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A Fortuitous Meeting

Near to us, 145 years ago today, three days prior to the signing of the peace in Appomattox Courthouse, the Union army blocked the retreat of the Confederates leaving Richmond and Petersburg, forcing the Battle of Sayler’s Creek.  As the … Continue reading

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Roasting & Christmas

After a failed attempt to nap, I headed down to the workshop to tend to a few Christmas duties. Among those things accomplished was an extra roast, alleviating the need to roast in a few days, plus providing more rest … Continue reading

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Fiddling with the Chemex

I’ve been leveraging the Chemex for most of my morning brewing lately.  However, I’d lost the wonder of the brew: that fantastic flavor that comes from the almost magical brew.  But then, I recalled a video I’d watched sometime earlier, … Continue reading

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Celebrating the 4th

In a house full of children, getting out for the convential celebrations can be challenging, especially when one is still an infant.  Couple that with the small town phenomenon, and we skipped the fireworks.  We did have a nice, albeit … Continue reading

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Listening and Coffee

As I mentioned before, I’ve been listening to some good audio recently.  One of the NPR gems is the Splendid Table.  Our NPR affiliate doesn’t carry it, so the podcast is the perfect fill in for the void.  The past … Continue reading

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Morphing Life?

Well, change comes to us all.  What change, do you ask?  Well, for me and my family, it’s been a journey that stared two years ago to change the way we eat.  Homeroasting had taken me much closer to my … Continue reading

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