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Wok Roasting

Well, as we were in the process of relocating (meaning while I was spending the week away at a new job and weekends at home), my trusty West Bend Poppery breathed its last. As it turns out, the coffee heating … Continue reading

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Another Year

And all sorts of new challenges. We’re out of the goat world, at least for now. It was a hard and sad call to make, but we feel it was for the best. Relocating with livestock is no easy feat, … Continue reading

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Summer Retrospective – 2013

As I’ve said before, life is busy.  Having a family as large as ours, life is definitely busy.  I’ve been pondering the harvest this year.  The garden went better in a few areas, but was a learning experience overall.  I … Continue reading

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Time and Coffee

Life is full in our neck of the woods. The fight is on – against squash bugs, against encroaching grass, against sin in life, for better food, for better lives, for holier lives. In a small farm that’s a sideline, … Continue reading

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Itinerant Postings

I foster no excuses.  As with many today, life is busy.  I will in no wise complain, however, since God has continued to provide for my family.  For that I am truly thankful.  But in a house with a large … Continue reading

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Coffee, Goats & M’Cheyne

I guess since Kaldi is virtually the patron ‘saint’ of coffee, the mixed title is appropriate.  With the goats at our micro site, they’re doing quite well.  Deliveries this season so far: three.  Two kids survived and are doing well. … Continue reading

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Justification.  It’s something we all do.  We justify our actions all the time, if not to someone else, to ourselves for certain.  And after the past week of fighting with the amorous buck, I question myself, my sanity, my motives. … Continue reading

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Some days, I definitely feel like Kaldi.  This weekend was one of those days.  Saturday after an outing and brief rest, our eldest daughter comes in exclaiming that the buck is in the doe pen.  Separation is a virtue when … Continue reading

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Herd Management, Scripture, and Gardening

It’s been quite a while since I dropped by, or even stopped long enough to gather a few thoughts together.  It’s almost July, and there’s still so much to be done.  We made it through kidding season without incident.  The … Continue reading

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The Herd – Conclusion

The herd stabilization is now complete.  In total, we had nine kids, the last when our two-year old Toggenburg kidded on February 20th.  We sold one doe with kids to a friend so they could start milking.  Now, we have four does … Continue reading

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