Wok Roasting

Well, as we were in the process of relocating (meaning while I was spending the week away at a new job and weekends at home), my trusty West Bend Poppery breathed its last. As it turns out, the coffee heating cycle on the Poppery is too much over time, beyond what the little machine was designed to do. The ni-chrome heating coil burnt through in multiple places and the mica shield broke. So, in the immortal words of Dr. McCoy, “she’s dead Jim.”
So, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. It’s not original to me, but it works ok: wok roasting.

This is the third roast, an Ethiopian Jimma from Sweet Marias. The most difficult part is avoiding scorching. This roast was better than the previous two and requires some temp surfing on the grill side burner. You can see some of the scorching, which is difficult to avoid. I think I’ll try preheating the wok and using a lower temp for roasting. Hopefully, that’ll reduce the scorched coffee.

Soli Deo Gloria,


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