Itinerant Postings

I foster no excuses.  As with many today, life is busy.  I will in no wise complain, however, since God has continued to provide for my family.  For that I am truly thankful.  But in a house with a large family, a small farm out the door, and a full time job, posting to a blog gets relegated somewhere after taking out the garbage or closing up the chicken coop.  For what it’s worth, the chicken coop closes at dusk, round 8:35 or so, and not long after, I’m sleeping.

That, however non-standard, is pretty normal for me.  Normalcy is up as close to 6AM as I can muster, feeding goats and chickens.  Then, back in the house and try to spend some time with the Bible to keep a focus on the primary things.  Shower, breakfast, fix lunch and off to the office.  Home at 5, milk, dinner, play around with the children, get them to bed, and then my bride and I hit the hay shortly thereafter.

With all that, it becomes easy to see why blogging is of little relevance.  My primary goal is to more consistently glorify God and enjoy Him.  For me to do that, I always need to find more time to spend in the word.  If anyone reading has a suggestion, let me know.  I’m all ears.


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Full time dad and IT guy. Part-time preacher/teacher. Full-time follower of Christ.
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