Coffee, Goats & M’Cheyne

I guess since Kaldi is virtually the patron ‘saint’ of coffee, the mixed title is appropriate.  With the goats at our micro site, they’re doing quite well.  Deliveries this season so far: three.  Two kids survived and are doing well.  We’re searching for a new home for the boys.

The little guys here are about two months old.  The one that didn’t make it was from another dam, and we really don’t know what happened there.  But, that is life on a farm.

On coffee, I had to make a change over Christmas.  I’ve been roasting in a West Bend Poppery for years now, and I’ve had to work on the heating element.  I even had to go so far as to sub in the element from an 1100 watt popper I had laying around.  Well, 1100 watts doesn’t quite get the job done.  On a cold night, I couldn’t get the roast up to heat at all.  So, I did a bit of ‘engineering’ on it, getting a bit too much heat in the process.  But I went ahead and split wired it so that the fan is always on.  Now, all I need to grab is a suitable controller for the heating element.

M’Cheyne, you ask?  He was a Scottish pastor in the 19th Century.  He’s famous for several things, one of which is his Reading Plan for the Bible.  It encompasses a private and familial reading, one each for morning and evening.  We’ve been doing scripture readings at breakfast and dinner so far this year, and a blessing it has been.  But tomorrow, it’ll get a bit interesting as we encounter Genesis 34. the defiling of Leah and Jacob’s daughter, Dinah.  While the account is difficult, we are trying not to shy away from what scripture brings to light.  The “bad” elements you find therein aren’t any different from what we encounter and fight today.  So, forward we march.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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