Herd Management, Scripture, and Gardening

It’s been quite a while since I dropped by, or even stopped long enough to gather a few thoughts together.  It’s almost July, and there’s still so much to be done.  We made it through kidding season without incident.  The gardens went in later than we’d like.  And I haven’t been as faithful as I’d wish with regards to spending time in Scripture.

First, the kids.  We sold all but three of this year’s kids, plus a buck from last year.  That was a relief – feeding 15 goats can get pricey!  But of what we kept, we have two does that will go into the milking cycle next year, we hope.  The third will be a buck companion, but he’s yet to be wethered.  Of the three, one is a Nupine (Nubian-Alpine cross, but looks predominantly alpine), and the other two are Nubian-Toggenburg crosses.  One looks a bit more Nubian and the other completely Toggenburg.  We’ve had a bit of sickness, but nothing life threatening.  Overall, on the goat front, it’s been quiet.

On to the gardens.  The peas I planted were the wrong kind, but the chickens and compost critters will enjoy them.  The tomatoes are coming along, albeit slowly.  The summer has turned hot here quickly, but not as dry, up to now, as last year.  So, there is hope.  What root crops we did do in the raised beds did very well, and for that we are truly thankful.  It’s amazing to see the bounty you can get from a relatively little amount of work.  And it’s a great reminder that we are to be ever thankful for what we do have.

One great highlight of the gardening season has been volunteers.  We had volunteer potatoes (a few harvested and they were delicious!), currant tomatoes (though I’m rethinking these) and Rutgers tomatoes.  The Rutgers were transplanted but the currants were left to their own desires.  We still have basil and oregano from last year, and boy, are they large!  But we too often forget about them.  Maybe tonight they’ll go into the pizza.

With scripture, I have a great desire to spend more time in the word, but all to often, it seems as if there is no time.  Or, when there is time, there isn’t enough energy to pull two verses together and make sense of them.  But, I suppose that is the plight of a father, a father of five children, full time employee and part time gardener.  Sometimes I think some things need to be changed, like less work and more family and farm time.  But that doesn’t easily pay the bills.  If only…

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. joelmartin says:

    Keep the faith man! Good to see a post from you.

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