The Herd – Conclusion

The herd stabilization is now complete.  In total, we had nine kids, the last when our two-year old Toggenburg kidded on February 20th.  We sold one doe with kids to a friend so they could start milking.  Now, we have four does in milk with seven kids and two bucks.

Well, as craigslist would have it, we’re getting rid of several more this weekend, assuming all goes as planned.  That should have us back down to our desired place of four does, two doelings for 4-H projects and breeding next fall, and one buckling to wether as a companion to our buck.  So, eight goats should be our stabilized point this year.  That’s better from a feed perspective than fifteen for sure!

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2 Responses to The Herd – Conclusion

  1. Gerald Newsom says:

    I can imagine eight would certainly be a little easier to feed! Congratulations on the sales! That surely has helped a lot!

  2. Adam says:

    Such gorgeous kids. I grew up on a farm with a few baby goats frollicking around. It brings back so many memories. Great blog. Keep it up.

    Adam from Best Coffee Machines and Coffee Grinder Reviews

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