Well, kidding season is under way here on our little ‘stead.  Four kids so far: 2 sets of twins, both buckling and doeling on each.  First set came from a Nubian dam, the second from an Alpine.  All are doing well, kids are bouncing around the field, happy as could be.  We’ll see if they’re still happy after this weekend, with the planned disbudding.

Philippians is proving to be a challenge as a discipline.  It’s interesting how old translations can really bugger up your mind.  Philippians 1:3-5 is in my head from some other translation, and the ESV, despite its elegance, has proved to be very difficult to get in.  That’s thrown much of the schedule off for me.  But despair, I do not.  I will trudge along, praying to complete the task.  I may not end, however, with everyone else.

On similar, spiritual notes, please take a look at this quotable from R. J. Hayton.  This one is from Dorothy Sayers, from one of my favorites essays of hers, “Creed or Chaos?”.  It’s a magnificent explanation of what Christianity is, that it requires the uncomfortable and difficult task of dogma, or systematics, to be anything.  It’s not a feeling, a perception.  It’s truth, and it’s not something you can learn in a few sentences.  Read the full essay online, if you like.


Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. Bob Hayton says:

    Thanks for the link, and for finding the essay in full online.

  2. javajeb says:

    I was a bit surprised to find it too. I have a copy at home. It’s an essay I like to re-read periodically, along with a few others.

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