Rain, Rain

The rains have come. We have a bit of a tropical storm heading our way, preceded by rains from an independent system. The prognostication of significant amounts of water accelerated a few things around the house. Namely: bringing in a temporary roofing fix for the goats.

I quickly finished off the roof on the latest house (for the milking does pen) last night. Let me tell you, it’s no fun going into a pen of curious goats with a 5 gallon bucket of tools and supplies. The best analogy I can come up with is working while watching a toddler. Toddlers, as many know, are highly curious, and at times, investigate the world via the mouth. That’s just was the goats were doing. Nibbling on handles, chewing on empty plastic bags (fence clips) or chewing a label off of some bolt cutters. Nothing ingested, but plenty of nibbling.

Lunch today consisted of a quick sandwich at the house, followed by pulling a 16’X30′ tarp over two of the houses in a light rain. Follow that up with trying to secure one. I can testify to the fact that two sets of hands are easier getting something that large in place than one. And it would be far easier when try as well. Follow that up with a quick AP of Burundi Kayanza Bwayi and back off to work.

But, we have covered houses now up for the goats. They will have a larger dry place to lay and dry location for feed. I hope they enjoy.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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6 Responses to Rain, Rain

  1. Gerald Newsom says:

    I thought you were probably going to get a good rain from that storm. Hope it was enough to help alleviate the dry spell. Glad you got the goats shelter up in time, too.

    I’m very interested in these new hoop houses you’ve built. A raccoon (or other varmint) has managed to kill all of my chickens despite my best efforts to protect them. They were in a chicken tractor that never really worked out as intended because it was just too heavy for one person to maneuver easily. Anyway, I am considering alternatives before getting replacement hens. Your goat pens look like they could be modified for chickens. At least, they did at first glance. I do need to sit down and think about it a little more seriously before getting started, though. πŸ™‚

    • javajeb says:

      We ended up with about 7.5 inches over 5 or do days. Got the shelters covered during the early rains. None, however, were too heavy.

      On using these for coops, I’m not sure. I’m going to add some roost poles for the birds in ours, and some nest boxes. Not sure about the design of the boxes yet. My biggest concern for these with chickens alone would be critter control. The size of the openings in the panels are such that a decent sized raccoon or opossum could easily get in.

      I’ll keep you in mind and report back how the birds do.


  2. Gerald Newsom says:

    Almost forgot, the coffee from Burundi sounded interesting, too. I’ve never had any coffee from there. Still don’t have an Aeropress, either. 😦

  3. Gerald Newsom says:

    Wow! Is brewing in an Aeropress really that much trouble? That video did not make me want to try it at all. πŸ™‚

    As for using the cattle panels for chicken coops, I was actually thinking of covering the panels with chicken wire to keep out the critters. I still haven’t looked at the idea seriously, though, but will be very interested to hear of your experiences with it.

  4. javajeb says:

    The AP isn’t trouble. It is flawed (maybe) in that it doesn’t allow for a good steep time. The inverted method allows for controlled steep times, providing for a better tasting concentrated coffee.

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