Goat Update

Well, finally, I made it out during daylight hours with a camera. I’ve been aiming to document the new shelters I’ve been building hoop houses for shelter: one for hay and two for the goats. I can’tcurrently find the site where I found the original pictures Here’s the place where I got the particular idea, but I can tell you I got the general idea from a Hobby Farms issue we had hanging around.

The plan is simple, fairly affordable and easy to build. Each shelter ends up being 16′ long with a maximum height of about 9′ and a width of 10′. Each side requires five t-posts and a single 16′. The shelters will be covered by tarps, most likely a billboard tarp. Here’s a side view with an old tarp on for the visual idea:
Hoop-House Shelter 1

Here’s a through shot for reference:
Hoop-House Shelter

Finally, the boys. About a month ago, we added another Nubian buck, Shaeffer. Genetically, he and our spring buck are related. Shaeffer’s sire is the grand-sire of Pete.
This gives us some help with balancing breeding, but a single line that is a good milk line.


Maybe later I can get a few pics of the does soon.

Solo Deo Gloria,

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2 Responses to Goat Update

  1. Victor says:

    Looks great! Don’t you just love how they nuzzle? Have you gotten any milk yet? You have to have a good milking brace for the goat’s head. Goat’s milk has to be consumed as fresh as possible, other wise it gets that goaty taste to it which I don’t much care for. You should try some good espresso or Turkish with that milk. Check out KMO Coffee at http://www.kmocofee.com they have a good assortment. Thanks again for the pictures and keep up the good work.

    • javajeb says:

      These guys don’t nuzzle too much. The guy with the big horns, Pete, has already been wrestled down once after challenging for dominance.

      As for milk, we’ve been in goat milk for about 18 months. Rarely buy any milk at all.

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