Sunday Morning

Today was up after a long night with a little guy and a fever. Goats needed milking. Done. In my fatigue, I forgot when I went out to milk that I needed to roast a bit. This light went off once I was in done processing the milk. So, as the children were occupied, I headed out and roasted a batch of Timor FTO Maubesse to a Full City roast, hearing the first snaps of second. The resulting Chemex brew was nice, slightly sweet.

Returning to the movie with the littlest ones who are now recovering.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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One Response to Sunday Morning

  1. Gerald says:

    Glad to hear they recovered! Maybe there is hope for us, too. We’ve had sickness passed from one individual to another for the last two and a half weeks. I’m the last to take it and am hoping I don’t stay sick for 11 days as my wife did.

    We got an assortment of baby chcks from the Tractor Supply House back in April that appears to have been a big mistake. Bought 8, of which three have died. Three more are roosters (or cockerells). That means I’ve been feeding 8 chickens for four months but will only get eggs from two of them. Not good. 😦

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