A Fortuitous Meeting

Near to us, 145 years ago today, three days prior to the signing of the peace in Appomattox Courthouse, the Union army blocked the retreat of the Confederates leaving Richmond and Petersburg, forcing the Battle of Sayler’s Creek.  As the wikipedia entry shows, the odds weren’t that badly stacked against the Confederates, at least in number.  But on this day, April 6th 1865, 7,700 Confederate soldiers were captured at Sayler’s Creek.  Few know of this engagement, since it’s overshadowed by the truce at Appomattox three days later.

How did I/we become aware of this engagement?  Well, this past Saturday, our family took our marching orders and visited a living history at the park.  All that really stands besides the landscape is the Overton House (at right), which was taken by the Union Army to be used as a field hospital.

Living close to the end of the Civil War is interesting.  Yesterday, there was a group of re-enactors, from the 24th VA (google cache), recreating the march to Appomattox Courthouse and subsequent surrender, to be given up on Sunday the 11th of April instead of the 9th, as it was.  Next year may prove to be interesting around these parts as well: 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the start of that great inter-nicene conflagration.

On another note, the morning Chemex of Uganda was particularly flavorful.


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4 Responses to A Fortuitous Meeting

  1. joelmartin says:

    I keep wanting to visit Appomattox. Is there much to see there?

  2. javajeb says:

    Appamattox is a full reconstruction of the original town, so there are several buildings in their 1860’s era glory. Here’s a map of what’s there (PDF!). Appamattox is still pretty quiet place, but the park is fairly nice. Lots over this and next weekend celebrating the 145th anniversary of the peace.

  3. Nick says:

    I wonder if there’s anything out there about coffee and the civil war. I bet whatever they drank was pretty awful, but I bet pictures or paintings depicting soldiers and coffee would be quite interesting.

  4. Dave says:

    I find this very interesting, I wonder what civil war coffee was like. My guess is it is similar to modern day soldier coffee, I can tell ya it’s not so great.

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