A Few Words

Good Friday evening all.  And I hope you have a joyous and blessed Resurrection Sunday.

I need to get back here, but the blog hasn’t been a high priority of late.  Maybe I’ll carve a bit of time out for a weekly update.  But, there’s planting to start tomorrow, albeit a bit late.  Some fun at a Civil War battlefield for the whole family, and maybe a bike ride.  Critters and all are doing quite well.

Now to get a three year old back in bed.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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Full time dad and IT guy. Part-time preacher/teacher. Full-time follower of Christ.
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3 Responses to A Few Words

  1. Gerald says:

    Glad to hear all is well. Spring is a very busy time for those who have chickens (and goats), vegetable gardens, and homeschooling duties.

    I’m waiting patiently for you to progress through the Westminster Shorter Catechism so we can “talk” about certain parts of it.

  2. javajeb says:

    I’m slowly, very slowly getting through it. Need to put more effort in it, however. But now, with winter cleanup with the critters and yard, and garden going in, time is scarce. And when you’re finished, you’re exhausted!

  3. Gerald says:

    Yes! Tell me about it. I am so worn out I’m dragging.

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