It’s our third snow since late February/early March 2009.  It’s shaping to be three significant snows for our more southerly location, significant here meaning depths of about 12″ or more.  Today’s snow is drifting earthward in gentle floating flakes, a lighter snow than our last, the remnants of which still scar the parking lots in town, mocking the heat and sun that try to further their transition to water.

So, today is a quite, if somewhat wild day in our house.  Critters are staying quite, in their houses out of weather.  The children didn’t sleep well last night, so there’s a significant case of the grumps around.  Luckily, I had enough coffee to give me a kick out of a deep, but restless slumber that the frigid temperatures outside couldn’t shake.  I may need a second cup later.

Peach muffins in the oven.  Bread baking.  Pepperoni-cheese rolls yet to be made.  Apple cider chilled in the fridge, just waiting to emerge and be heated, then to heat from the inside out.

The snow will come.  It will pass.  Sunday’s temps promise to be above freezing, so the abatement will start.  Life will continue,  as we march towards spring.  The thaw will commence, leaving us with a muck and mire that the garden will love.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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2 Responses to Snow

  1. Gerald says:

    Is Saturday always bread baking day?

    • javajeb says:

      We’re baking at least every-other day. I try to do the deed as often as possible to help out. That loaf mentioned was augmented with an additional one late yesterday. A bit of a ski-slope look, so I need to consider what went wrong there.

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