Busy. That’s the best way I know how to describe this year. Much to do, to see, and it’s not slowing very much. I suppose that’s the standard in a house of seven. So, what have I been up to? Well, work, family, a bit of coffee and reading. I have too many books open now to really relate anything significant, but it has been an encouraging time reading various books, including God’s word. I’ve come to a clearer and deeper understanding of my own failings in light of the sacrifice of Christ. While I wouldn’t often admit it, Romans 5:6 is so true: “For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.“.

Coffee: I recently ordered beans for the first time in a while. And for the first time in probably several years, I picked up a Peru. My initial roast was to a City+/FC and the flavors have been nice, mild and chocolately. Very nice.

Critters: In preparation for kidding, we’re parting with two coming yearling does that have been bred. The logistics of five mama does and at least five kids was a bit too daunting. And goat care has only been compounded by a record-setting November and early December. We’ve had more rain in the past six weeks or so that probably ever. That leaves the wonderful clay soil logged with water and a mushy mess, especially where the goats regularly trod. Here’s hoping that the blessing of rain lets up a bit for a while. We need to dry out a bit before spring.

Family: The children continue to grow, like weeds all to often. Life is busy, but wonderfully rewarding. We’ve pretty much eliminated television except for DVDs via NetFlix and our own collection. It’s been a wonderful time to reconnect with my DW in ways we haven’t for quite some time.

A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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8 Responses to Time

  1. Gerald says:

    It IS a busy time of year! I’ve never found a way to make it less busy, either, though I’ve tried.

    It sounds like Virginia is getting as much rain as Texas the last couple of months. After our nearly two year drought, we have had so much rain that every once-empty stock tank, pond and creek is overflowing.

    I don’t know how extensive the Netflix collection of movies, etc. is, but thought I might tell you that we use Christiancinema.net. Though we’ve found a few movies there that weren’t actually Christian, for the most part they are all ‘family-friendly’.

  2. Nate says:

    So true, life flies by whether you are enjoying it or not. We use the TV sparingly and make our children earn the privilege to watch it. They earn tickets and have to pay to view. The TiVo is helpful to by saving their favorite shows, and giving us the ability to eliminate all of the commercials! Yay, no more “I want that…” every 3 minutes 🙂

    I have yet to taste Peruvian coffee, as a single origin. I’ll give it a shot…too many coffees and too little time 🙂

  3. javajeb says:

    There’s been a bit more TV lately with some Christmas movies. When you homeschool, there aren’t the programs more ‘traditional’ schools have to alleviate the excitement of the season.

    Peru was nice and smooth: chocolate notes that I can now recall. Finished the current roast this morning, with about 6gr Honduran to round off my 30g for the Chemex (32 oz). Was a great warm up after shoveling the driveway of about 8″ snow.

    • Gerald says:

      8 inches? I was wondering how much snow you might be getting.

      I wish I had some roasted coffee. With all our trips back and forth to see my mother-in-law in the hospital, I’ve finally run out of fresh roast. The Peru sounds like one I would like, too.

  4. javajeb says:

    It may have been closer to 10″-12″; I never measured though. That’s the second one this year; March saw 1′ of snow at the outset. Goats haven’t been too happy, but they’re making it. Haven’t seen the chickens for a few days either; think they’ve stayed hunkered down.

    The Peru is quite nice. It’s an origin I’ve had a few times, but none recently. The Honduran coffee I had this morning was less than spectacular. Need to look at the roast notes and compare to Tom’s recommendations.

    • Gerald says:

      I’ve only had a Peru once. It was good but not as spectacularly good as the Yirgacheffes and the Kenyas I like so much so I have neglected to order more. Will have to do something about that. Good luck with roasting that Honduran!

      By the way, I have a niece who is playing basketball for Hollins University in Roanoke this year. She enjoyed the fall foliage and is now enjoying the snow!

  5. javajeb says:

    The lackluster coffee was actually a Brazil. Needed to go darker. But I just did roast a Sumatra for tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. Went to a FC roast, approximately 440F.

  6. Gerald says:

    Sumatra Classic Mandheling? That’s what I just roasted myself.

    This afternoon I am appreciative of all the people in our town who do such great job of raking and bagging their leaves, then placing them besides the road so that I can stop by and pick them up for my chickens and vegetable garden!

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