Fiddling with the Chemex

I’ve been leveraging the Chemex for most of my morning brewing lately.  However, I’d lost the wonder of the brew: that fantastic flavor that comes from the almost magical brew.  But then, I recalled a video I’d watched sometime earlier, on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee in the Chemex by Intelligentsia Coffee.

What happened?  We’ll, yesterday’s cup had all the wonder, the great flavor I’d been missing.  The difference?  Well, previously, I’d been pre-wetting the filter with tap water, disposing of it and then filling with ground coffee and brewing.  But yesterday, I used just off-boil water to bring in a bit of preheating to the vessel.  I was slowly suspecting, as I drank my morning brew, that thermal loss was the culprit.  And that seems to be the case.  I now could use a way to more thoroughly heat the brewer.  And also make sure it doesn’t sit long after brewing.  A prompt decanting into the preheated and waiting Thermos mug makes sure it stays nice and toasty.

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