Celebrating the 4th

In a house full of children, getting out for the convential celebrations can be challenging, especially when one is still an infant.  Couple that with the small town phenomenon, and we skipped the fireworks.  We did have a nice, albeit unorthodox 4th of July.  After men’s prayer at the church house, we headed out to a quasi-nearby peach orchard and picked over 45 pounds of peaches.  Likely, it’s about 60#.  Never fear, we’ll take good care of all those fuzzy delicious orbs.

On the java front, I roasted a bit last night while milking the goats.  Took a bathc of Indonesia Flores Organix Manggani to full city, start of 2nd crack.  It’s this morning’s cup brewed with an AP.  Sweet and smooth, with a hint of spice.  Wonderful!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Solo Deo Gloria,



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5 Responses to Celebrating the 4th

  1. Gerald says:

    Peaches sound good! We’ve been eating so many blueberries and strawberries this summer that we’ve kind of let the peaches slip past us.

  2. Gerald says:

    Oh, we also skipped the fireworks this year. Coming the day before Sunday would have made getting up for church the next morning a difficult proposition.

  3. javajeb says:

    Blueberries are late here due to a late and deep snow in March. Hopefully they’ll be ready soon.

  4. Gerald says:

    For whatever reason, they’ve been very cheap, plentiful, and very good down this way. I’ve been making blueberry scones and blueberry pancakes regularly.

  5. Gerald says:

    We went to a homeschooling convention a couple of weekends ago. I met two women there who made me think of you guys. One was a representative of HSLDA who told me she was from Percival, Virginia. (I hope I spelled that right.) The other woman had a booth to tell everyone of the benefits of grinding grains to make your own breads, cakes and cookies. I couldn’t make out the name of her grinder, but it could grind at several different coarseness levels. Her dough mixer was a Bosch, though.

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