Life of late is a bit too harried and crazy to pause and write here.  I’m in a continuous cycle of sermon preparation, it seems.  Two in May, more coming.  Don’t get me wrong: I love proclaiming the word.  For me, preparation takes serious time.  So, I’ve been less concerned about writing here.  But I have been listening.

Last week, I downloaded the audio from the Next 2009 conference (HT Joy).  So far, I’ve heard D.A. Carson on the Incarnation; Sinclair Ferguson on the Resurrection and Return of Christ.  I’ve heard Kevin DeYoung on Christ’s life.  All were incredibly edifying and convicting.  Now, just today, I grabbed the Advance09 conference audio.  I’m greatly looking forward to listening and being encouraged.

I’m also a small time podcast junkie.  I’ve mentioned Metamediocrity before.  Issue Four is out and it’s good.  Need more!  I also grab the Splendid Table and Car Talk from NPR.  And finally, White Horse Inn.  Good stuff.  Entertaining.  Enlightening.  Convicting.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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4 Responses to Listening

  1. Jerry Norris says:

    Like the post. Really strange I found it because I just bought james earl jones reading the bible at goodwill a few minutes ago.

  2. Gerald says:

    Internet connection very spotty down here the last few weeks. Supposedly have a tech guy coming today to see what he can do about it. Maybe then I will have a chance to check this out more.

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  4. Gerald says:

    I’ve listened to one message from Sinclair Ferguson on Christ’s Return and will probably listen to the other messages of his. If you could recommend one of the others as being especially good, I will listen to it as well.

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