Today’s preaching is done.  Audio is up.  All in all, it was, from my end, OK.  I tend to grade myself instead of focusing on other elements, such as feedback.  I could have been clearer on a few points, logic should have been tighter.  But, from what I could tell, folks at church seemed to be challenged by it.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Preaching

  1. Gerald says:

    Well done, Jason! You chose some difficult passages to explain, but did a great job of that. I was particularly happy that you didn’t mitigate your explanation of “the fear of God”. When I first became a Christian, I heard way too many pastors try to explain that this didn’t mean what it seemed to be plainly stating. Instead, they would say that it simply means we should be in awe of God or that we should view Him with reverance. Both of those are true, of course, but I now know that fear has its’ place, too. A most important place.

  2. javajeb says:

    Thanks Gerald. Difficult – yes, Ecclesiastes does present some great
    difficulties. They are things I would normally shy away from.
    Preaching through a book sure does make you face your fears!

  3. Gerald says:

    I can imagine! 🙂 I trust you have some good resources to help you with things like that.

    I’ve had a mysterious internet connection problem keep me off the internet for a few weeks, and that has been followed by an illness now in its’ sixth day. That’s kept me fairly silent for a time. 🙂

    Downloaded a book last night called “The Practice of Piety” by Lewis Bayly. I have read only parts of it, but it is quite interesting.

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