Spent the weekend travelling to catch up with long lost family.  Well, they’re not lost, but we haven’t seen some for several years.  I was able to get some sermon writing done – preaching on Ecclesiastes 7 the next two weeks.  The biggest ‘issue’ with the trip was the shift back several weeks in pollen count and kind that’s send my head haywire!  Hopefully, it will abate soon.  I have quite a bit to do this week: finish some garden beds (roughly 12 tons of beautiful soil delivered last week), finish 1-1.5 sermons this week and offer service designs up (hymns, readings, etc).

Now, though, I’m listening to The Chicken Whisperer‘s show from this past Saturday with Shelly Roche regarding HR857 and NAIS.  One of the great things Shelly mentioned on this show was the giant loopholes in HR875.  One in particular is glaring, in Section 406:


In any action to enforce the requirements of the food safety law, the connection with interstate commerce required for jurisdiction shall be presumed to exist.

Wow!  So, if the Feds raid you, it’s to their discretion if you’re garden has interstate commerce implications?  Doevetails nicely with some other things I’ve been keeping up on.  Namely, via Glen Beck: The 912 Project and The Patrick Henry Caucus.  The danger with all this is that the Federal Government exerts all it’s force upon all of us, beyond the scope of the US Constitution’s allowings, via the “Interstate Commerce” in Article 1, Section 8.

So, beware, pray and keep informed.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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