I’m checking in from Texas, a long way home from the little homestead.  My trooper of a wife is handling it all by herself.  She’s tired, I’m know.  But she is a wonderful wife,  mother and milker.  From her reports, we are netting about a gallon per day from our two does.  Some goes to the feeding of our doelings, but we’re in good nonetheless with milk.  Eggs are slow and steady as well.

This has been my first trip without taking homeroast along.  Gasp!  Yes, I know, in some circles, this is sacrilige.  Since I’ve dropped to drinking so little anymore, I just couldn’t muster up the desire to pack it along.  But I am looking forward to the Ethiopia Organic Bonko Black Sun when I get home!

Solo Deo Gloria,



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4 Responses to Trooper

  1. Gerald says:

    Sounds like you wrote this when you were a little tired and worn out.

    I was trying to decide what would make a good memento gift of your trip to Texas. I did roast some coffee for you, but I had also considered bringing you several ounces of English breakfast tea. It is much easier on the stomach than coffee, and it tastes good, too.

    I’ve been making all my coffee in a moka pot for a couple of months now. Have gotten to really like moka coffee (diluted down, though.)

    Today, though, I noticed that the replacement beaker for one of my french presses had dropped in price by $5, so I ordered one at once. Will at least have the option of going back to French press coffee.

    Having excellent teas around the house has gotten me to drinking less coffee, but it hasn’t stopped it yet. Perhaps if it pained my stomach the way it does my wife’s?

  2. javajeb says:

    I’ve been exclusively Aeropress for a couple of months now. Don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t take any coffee with me. I now even more appreciate mine!

  3. Gerald says:

    LOL That always has the same effect on me. 🙂

    So, I take it the Aeropress is making coffee that is easier on the stomach? That’s good to know. Both my wife and her mother find that coffee often gives them an upset stomach. I think I need to get a couple of Aeropresses.

  4. javajeb says:

    The aeropress wasn’t for a different cup quality to be stomach easier, but smaller quantities of caffeine. I dump 24-26 grams of coffee in the AP and press out about 14 oz coffee. Very nice for almost all beans.

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