Herd Growing

The milk stock needs to be upped.  We’re not getting much output since the kid is still in with the milker.    But we’ve also heard we shouldn’t seperate the kid from her surrogate mother, lest she be overly stressed and ultimately, possibly kill herself in an attempt to re-join her surrogate.  So, in order to up production in milker, we need to seperate the two, but will need another kid to keep her company.

So, now that explains the growth of our mini-herd.  We will soon add a yearling who recently “freshened” along with a 3 month old doeling.  All will come from a local goat farm and will give us another breed: Alpine.  Our existing two are Toggenburgs.  Both are good milkers.  Alpines are quite popular around these parts.  Our plan is to try cross breed some of these girls for the next freshening with a friend’s Nubian buck, to give a bit more butter fat.

We’ll see how it goes.  A couple of weeks and they should be joining the herd.

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