Well, it’s spring.  That means all sorts of things developing around the house.  We have garden sites under construction.  The pizza garden is still developing, and should be finished soon.  Then will come the terraced strawberry beds in front of the house.  Then, another rased bed out back, 12″ deep for some things that don’t do terribly well in my existing rasised be.

On the animal front, we’re discussing adding a couple of more hens into the mix.  There’s a swap this Saturday, but we may not go.  Still trying to decide.  Also, we’re in the search for another milking goat, preferably already freshened.  Things are going well with our Toggenburg, but we need to get another kid in by the time we wean the doeling we have now.  We’ve been advised that the anxiety may be great enough, that, if seperated alone, the doeling may end up dead trying to get back to her surrogate mother.

Milk production is moving along nicely.  We’re getting between 1 quart and 1/2 a gallon per day.  We could use more for certain, but we are making due on what we have.  An additional milker will add more milk, up to twice as much.  But there’s nothing clearly in the works as of now.

T-ball tonight.  The season has started, despite being rained out last week, and looking like day two this week may be.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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