Food Independence

Since entering the back-yard poultry world, and ever-more frequenting of the local farmer’s market, I’ve become more and more aware of the things that threaten our food and ability to be largely self-sustaining and local food driven.  Now, in Congress is a bill that greatly threatens that freedom.  House Resolution 875 threatens to shut down farmer’s markets, impletment a mandatory NAIS, eliminate open-pollinated seeds (heirloom varieties), and kill the organic farming movement.  Follow the OpenCongress link above to find out more.

Thankfully, now it’s buried in committee.  You can use an RSS reader to monitor the bill’s progress as well.  But please, take a bit of time to call, write and email your US Representative and explain to him or her why this would be bad.

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  1. Gerald says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The last I checked it appeared to be stuck in committee, but I’ve also noticed that quite a few somewhat similar bills are also being introduced to Congress.

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