Menagerie Pics

Well, goats at least!  Plus a couple of chickens!

From left, you have Lilac, the yearling Toggenburg, Buttercup and a Hampshire red, and finally, our Black Cochin looking regal!


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9 Responses to Menagerie Pics

  1. Gerald says:

    That is simply amazing. We probably spend $14 a week on milk, $20 if you included cheese. Makes you wonder about starting your own co-op and sharing the milk from a couple of cows.

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve heard it takes a lot of milk to make cheese. So it would probably go quickly. Plus if you make things like yoghurt, sour cream, ice cream, etc. it would be gone even quicker

  3. Gerald says:

    Yes, I guess it would go fairly quickly. And it would also give us a chance to try making clotted cream and creme fraiche, things that aren’t easy to buy around here.

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