Well, today, it’s very likely that our menagerie will expand.  The DW and I, along with the two youngest children are going to look at a Toggenburg doe and doeling.  If we don’t want the doe, she’ll go to some friends and the doeling will remain.  This is another step we’re taking towards controlling more of our own food.  The Toggenburgs are milk goats, and that what she’ll be here for.

Now, if only I could clone myself…

Solo Deo Gloira,



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2 Responses to Menagerie

  1. Gerald says:

    You need a hired man!

  2. javajeb says:

    I won’t argue that! But someway, we’ll manage. It’s timing now. Lilac, the lactating goat, is milked twice daily at 7:30. The morning milking will take some gymnastics to figure out since I leave for work shortly after that.

    I’ll upload some pics soon.

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