Snow and Critters

The southeast is being hit by a rare snow storm.  As of now, we have probably 3 inches of wet snow on the ground.  The dogs are loving it, giddy as ever.  The chickens, on the other hand aren’t as happy.  They would probably be in better humor if it wasn’t actively snowing; the wet snow tends to soak them pretty quickly.

Today, we were going out to look at a milk goat, but the snow commenced and roads became treacherous, so we turned back, determined not to “test the providence of God”.  But we’re planning on heading out later this week to check things out.  The main one that we’re considering is a yearling Toggenburg doe.  She’s gentle and sweet, say the current owner.  And she’s registered to boot!  She may also come home with a doeling that’s she’s currently nursing.  If we don’t take her, friends of our will take her.  If we opt for her, then comes the milking.  Another step towards greater food sovereignty and responsibility.

On other notes, to hear a good sermon, head over to FBF to listen to “Casting the Second Stone“.  Great thought provoking and needed questions.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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