The childer of the household have been ill of late, which has made life a bit more busy: less time to drop notes here, less time to roast, less time for most of anything.  Add to that fatigue from an infant who is sick as well, and things seem to move in slow motion now around our domicile.

So, with the thought to move everyone a few more steps towards well, we all stayed home yesterday.  We did spend a bit of time in family worship, as much as one can when you have an energetic 2 year old in the mix.  After lunch and the afternoon siesta (boy, do I need one now), I ventured outside with the four ambulatory children: they to play and I to commence the garden adventure.  My hands were soiled, a few tools were used and weeds were snuffed out, quick and painlessly.  In their stead were laid seeds of carrots, various greens, broccoli and peas.  We shall see how this year progresses.  The winter was colder, we actually saw snow, and we are very little down on precipitation for the year.  Last year, by this time, we were in a further deficit.  A bit of water, sun, warmth and the workings of a gracious God, and we will hopefully harvest.

One other event yesterday.  Recently, in the current issue of Backyard Poultry magazine, I read the article “The Lazy Gardener’s Compost Heap”.  In this brief article, the author laid out how he managed a healthy compost environment without turning: chickens.  Let the chickens shred the matter, dig for bugs and they will do the work that you normally would.  Mine was suffering from the winter: whole and semi-whole veggies left intact.  So, move the compost heap for the second time I did and the foul have been happy since.  On that note, our egg production last week was about 12 eggs.  We’ll see if the new diet alters that; the lengthening day surely has.

A few roastings updates are out there as well, if you’d like to see what’s been in the roaster recently.

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  1. Gerald says:

    The Free Range chicken newsletter/blog I subscribe to (The View from the Farm) talked about Ruth Stout in its’ latest edition. Said she was the only contributor to Organic Gardening magazine who talked sense back in the 70’s.

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