On sunshine and cold weather

The morn today was brisk and cold, about 17F.  Cooked a pot of date oatmeal for the clan, along with some sourdough toast.  The bad part of this morning was twofold: until number 5 is in established rhythms, I’ll miss men’s prayer at church, and to a lesser degree of badness, I had no roasted coffee.  Once all were fed and dressed, I ventured out and down, scurrying into the workshop, escaping the brisk cold of the morning.

Once into my lair, the decision lay before me: what to roast?  I initially picked up the Ehtiopia “Black Sun”, but mused, nay, since the flavors of Ethiopians take a while to develop.  I needed something that would have good flavor immediately.  Looking more, my eye fell upon my “for sale” bag: the five-ounder of Mexico Organic Nayarit DP.  Last roast was hot and far, probably a bit too far.  So today, I aimed lower and seemingly hit the mark.  The City+/Full City is lighter than what Tom recommends, but it sure was tasty: full of sweetness and a caramel flavor and smoothness (AP brewed for reference).

Projects for the day: supply pick up (grocery, etc); garden prep work, if warm enough; a foray to the hardware store to begin a roaster venting project.  Baby’s crying.  Gotta go now.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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4 Responses to On sunshine and cold weather

  1. Gerald says:

    Date oatmeal? Do you make that by adding dates the last five minutes of cooking?

    Who makes the bread around your place? Was this sourdough bread homemade?

  2. javajeb says:

    Nope. I added chopped dates to the boiling water. Once the water rebounded, I boiled them for a few minutes before adding the oats. Created a nice, date-infused flavor.

    Bread – DW makes the vast, overwhelming majority. It’s me when we’re two out, bottom of the 9th. The sourdough was bought at a little Mennonite Country store about 1/2 mile from our house. They bake it each day or so. Good stuff!

  3. Gerald says:

    Thanks, I’ll have to try date oatmeal. I usually add raisins or other dried fruit to mine the last few minutes of cooking, but I may be missing a thing or two here.

    There is a dedicated group out in Oregon that keep a sourdough starter going they give away from free. It’s called the Oregon Trail sourdough starter, I believe. I’ve meant to ask for some of that starter all winter, but just can’t get around to it.

    I may have to ask your DW for advice if my next batch of bread goes awry. Bread has been coming out heavy and very tough-crusted. I’ve downloaded Julia Child’s chapter on bread making because it seems to offer the best answers for what’s ailing my bread (rising too fast in a too humid room), etc.

  4. coffeerama says:

    it’s awesome that you have so much fresh coffee to choose from, wouldn’t much like the cold though (i’m in Phoenix — I’ll sell you some sunshine if you want)
    love the blog too, well done

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