Not the Jao Gilberto song, but the coffee.  Roasted a single batch last night (it wasn’t the best of nights in our house).  Maybe more will be roasted in a day or so.  This morning, it was brewed in an AP, 24 grams ground and pressed into a ceramic.  Dispatched to my travel mug and augmented with fresh, hot water to fill the cup.  Nice cup, by the way.  Good solid coffee.  But there is one oddity: the snaps.  I’ve roasted several batches of this, and I’ve yet to hear the first crack hit.  I’ve taken it to the verge of second and heard that start, but no first.

Anyone else seen/experienced this?

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Ipanema

  1. Gerald says:

    I’ve had a couple of coffees seem to do that over the years, but since I don’t measure temperature when I am roasting I wasn’t sure whether it was a rather late first crack or a second crack minus a first crack.

    Possible reason? First crack is the explosion caused by the expansion of water turning to steam inside the bean, right? Perhaps a bean without a first crack is one in which the moisture level inside the bean is so low there isn’t enough to create that first crack?

    I am impatiently waiting for a couple of roasting friends to let me know if they won’t to include a few pounds of coffee with the order I hope to make some time today. My stash is VERY low and cold weather is coming!

    Sorry to hear about the roasting troubles. Would say I know all about that, but since I only have two “helpers”, I am thinking that your troubles are probably many times greater! 😦

  2. Gerald says:

    Boy, talk about poor writing! I really do know the proper way to spell “want”. 🙂

    Never heard from my fellow roasters, so I went ahead and ordered a Yirgacheffe (my stash is always so heavily loaded towards Ethiopian coffees that I did hesitate on getting another one), a Brazilian high grown coffee and a Sumatran Mandheling. Cost averaged $4.46 a pound which I greatly appreciate.

  3. javajeb says:

    The Ethiopian I’ve been roasting is one of the better ones I’ve had lately. The Sumatra is good, but I haven’t quite nailed the roast on that one.

    Enjoy the beans!

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