Roasting, Week of Jan 19th

My typical roasting schedule has been upset.  Normally, Sunday night is the night, once the kids are down.  That came and went.  Yesterday, being a holiday was a good candidate in my mind.  After a long day at home, and some less than cooperative young-uns, I netted one roast.  There’s only about 1 brew left, lest I do single AP cups.  So, tonight will be more.  Given the mildly missing sleep syndrome that we’re enduring, I need some.  And there are several down, the granduer thereof I’ve yet to uncover.  And then there’s reading.  I’ve placed four volumes on my calendar to crack this week.

Edwards “The Freedom of the Will” – reading with Pastor

Barrs – “The Heart of Prayer”

Meyers – “All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes”

Kuyper – “Work of the Holy Spirit” — After yesterday’s sermon, I want to read more.


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4 Responses to Roasting, Week of Jan 19th

  1. Gerald says:

    Good luck with the roastings!
    Those all look like good books, too.
    By the way, John MacArthur has recently started a series on the Holy Spirit. His messages that were broadcast Friday and Monday were two of the most informative I’ve ever heard on why drunkenness is such an evil thing and also on what exactly it wss that was being drunk in both the Old Testament times as well as the New. I highly recommend it.

    Or, I could give you the Reader’s Digest version! 🙂

  2. javajeb says:

    Have a link for MacArthur’s talks? I’d be interested.

    Check on the roastings page tomorrow. That’ll be the barometer for my success/failure.

  3. cinesnob says:

    What kind of roaster are you using?

  4. javajeb says:

    cinesnob: I roast with a vintage popcorn popper, circa early-mid 1980s. It’s a West Bend Poppery, 1500 watt model. Can usually be had at thrift stores and the like.

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