New Page Up

If you take a gander up at the top menu bar, you’ll notice a new page at the far right: Roastings.

Roastings is a new page where I will endeavor to copy my current roast logs.  I’ve found myself at work on occasion wondering what I’m drinking.  It’s usually one of those mornings where the house is harried and I’ve not looked closely enough to remember.  It’s also an endeavor to share what I’m roasting.

The plan is that the contents of the page will reflect what is currently roasted on my counter.  So, it will change, on average, weekly.  Check and comment, if you like.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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2 Responses to New Page Up

  1. Gerald says:

    I can remember reading a few of your posts in which you said you weren’t completely sure what you were drinking. I wondered about that but decided you were probably roasting so many different coffees on Saturday that it might be possible to forget the specifics of what you were drinking on a given day. I usually have one roasted coffee ready to drink and one that is resting and waiting its’ time. Not as much choice in the morning but I do know what I’m drinking. 🙂

    This new roasting page ought to help you keep up with your current coffees and help us know what you’re tasting, too. It may answer some questions we have or give us a place to ask questions.

    A great idea!

  2. javajeb says:

    Well, I’ve added the roasts from the 11th to the page. Take a gander. Will probably look at better formatting, though.

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