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Someone tweeted this today.  It’s the prime reason I’ve gone to writing things down.  That way, I’m not distracted when I’m spending time with family.  All my obligations, thoughts, plans are recorded and I only have to look at them, not worrry.  A little more freedom…

As a second note, I’m thinking that my notion of productivity isn’t quite what others understand.  Wiki defines it as (regarding economics):

“…refers to measures of output from production processes, per unit of input. Labor productivity, for example, is typically measured as a ratio of output per labor-hour, an input.”

For me, productivity is more about getting done what needs to be done in order to free up more time to enjoy family, friends, in worship of God, etc.  I suppose that melds with David Allen’s concepts of GTD (Getting Things Done): write it down so you spend less energy worrying.  With what I have on my plate, I don’t need any extra worries.

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8 Responses to As Evidence

  1. Jason Echols says:


    Thanks for linking back to my blog post.

    Your point about getting things out of your head is so key to being able to be “present” with whomever you are with at the moment.

    The definition of productivity that you quoted does a great job of getting the thought to bare basics. I think the intent is to figure out ways to get things done with the least amount of time and effort…and still do a great job.

    (the other) Jason

  2. javajeb says:

    Jason – thanks for stopping by. I really appreciated your post, helping me firm up some ideas in my head. With the addition to the family, it’s all the more essential.


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