Life Management, Part 2

Continuing what was already started

On to the calendar, date book, agenda, etc.  Whatever the name, it’s the same: an appointment book, calendar, wha t have you.  For years, since my days in Seminary, I’ve carried some form of calendar/datebook.  Back then, it was to track when papers were due, appointments, etc.  I started with a DayTimer wire bound pocket sized planner.  That ran for several years.  Then, I went to the larger size, can’t remember the exact name or dimensions.  I waffled back and forth between the two sizes for several years.  Then, about 4 years ago, it all changed.  There is some background about this here.

The Lee Valley system gave me a slightly bigger planner, the Harvard Elite, which was more and more frequently needed with a growing family and responsibilities.  The Harvard Elite uses a slightly different system than most planners.  You can read more about it on the Harvard Planner site.  The core of the appreciation I had for the Harvard was that it allowed me to move scheduled events around easily with little re-writing.  It’s tantamount to moving a calendar event in an application such as Microsoft Outlook.  The one thing that I didn’t like was the time-frame: it ended a bit too early for me occasionally.  So, I had a planner that had features I loved and some where I had ideas for improvement.  I then ran across the site that is the epicenter of planner hacking.

Once there, I found many kindred souls searching for the right setup.  I also found help to do so, if you have a bit of patience and some computer savvy.  So, two years ago, I took the plunge.  I developed a template based on the Harvard system that incorporated my improvements, and simplified the overall Harvard system that would fit my life better.  Now, I have a system that fits my needs, tracks my family and keeps me on track for my responsibilities.

Binding the planner was easy with the circa discs, or the other alternative, Rollabind.  I now have a binding system that holds my planner together, as well as the sermon notes for preaching.  Preaching and Sunday School research help is the other place the Lee Valley Portable Office has been a great help.  But that’s a story for later.

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  1. Gerald says:

    Not wishing to leave a blog post uncommented upon, you have quite a bit of reading material to keep me busy for a while. 🙂

    Also wanted to mention that I am reading a book that I actually received as a gift for Christmas. It is titled, “The End of Reason” by Ravi Zacharias. He wrote it as an answer to Sam Harris’ “Letter to a Christian Nation”. Ravi’s book is extremely well done and exposes all the holes in Harris’ poorly crafted arguments not to mention Harris’ appalling lack of Biblical knowledge and understanding.

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