Life Management, Part 1

I’ve been asked before, with all we do, how I do it all.  I can’t reliably say, but I can relate to what I do.  First off, I’m mid-30s now, but I’ve learned with all I do, not to trust my mind.  I typically carry a notebook of some sort with me at all times.  Currently, it’s a Moleskine of some sort, whether a disposable cahier for ephemeral lists (think: grocery store), a hard-back pocket for more permenant items (think: project plans, sketches, etc), and now a volant that’s tiny.  It’s an omnipresent pal now where anything can be recorded.

These small form notebooks server in place of my memory for things as mundane as grocery lists to more significant such as story ideas, sermon illustration possibilities, project ideas, and potential gift items.  They can also record my thoughts where they would normall fleet away.  Maybe I distrust myself too much, or don’t exercise my mind enough.  I’m open to either possibility, especially when I read what some of my forebearers would do in terms of recall.  For example, read about Spurgeon’s mental feats with regard to sermon prep.  With progressive forgetfulness ailing me several years ago, followed by reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done“, I started trusting my mind less and paper more.  Disclaimer: I read part of GTD, enough to make things click for me.

With regard to GTD, I’m not a follower in the strictest sense.  I found that the rigors to which one had to conform were greater than what I had on the plate, typically running counter to my personality, and more significantly, made more of a slave to tasks than free to do.  So, I’ve hacked together what works for me, to keep track of much that goes on in my microcosm.  The notebooks are just the start.

More later on the specifics of keeping up with calendars and how I do sermons while rather busy, all while being portable.  This will also highlight my fundamental Luddite tenancies as well.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. Gerald says:

    Thanks, I’ll check out a Barnes and Noble soon.

    Hey, my avatar (is that what you call them?) has changed. This time it looks like a . . .well, actually I don’t know what it looks like. 🙂

  2. javajeb says:

    Yep, I altered to a monster theme 🙂

  3. Gerald says:

    Ah, a monster! So that’s what they look like! Glad I’ve never seen one in person. 🙂

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