Pre-Roast Blend

To follow-up on my yet another Opportunity Blend, I ground, pressed and drank a rare (for me) pre-roast opportunity blend.  This past Sunday evening, I was digging through my greens for something relatively new, something I hadn’t had in a bit.  While looking, from out of the depths, there peaked a dark green peaberry.  I pulled the package and low and behold, some Sumatra Blue Batak PB Tarbarita.  When I dropped it into the popper, there wasn’t enough to satisfy.  Then, a thought: what about a pseudo-Mocha/Java blend?  I quickly dug and found some Ethiopia DP Golocha and tossed it in to fill the roast chamber to what looked appropriate.

The result?  Not bad, but I believe the Golocha was a bit old.  It had elements of the Mocha/Java blend, but the rustic character was missing a bit from the DP Ethiopia and the depth of the Java was gone, probably from the age of the Sumatran.

Oh well, worht the try and valuable lessons always come from that.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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