I have several projects in the wings. I’ve been thinking on several, but for clarification, I’ll list them out first.

  1. New garden bed preps
  2. Dog kennel
  3. Chicken/goat fencing/pens
  4. Bees

On #1, time has slipped.  Raining now, so maybe soon I can tear into the one bed up for conversion.

On 2&3, going to take a while.  Need to get the dogs together for play where they are safe.

On 4, we’d been planning on buying a hive setup from a nearby store.  Then, I found this site.  Very cool.  Might be building hives instead.  We’ll see…

Solo Deo Gloria,


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One Response to Projects

  1. Gerald says:

    Very interesting! Build your own beehive, eh? After I complete our Noah’s ark project, I might give that a try.

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