Moleskine Alternative?

Is there one?  For the hype and style, it’s hard to find a true alternative.  That’s what the blog Black Cover is dedicated to: finding the perfect alternative.  Why look to ‘fix’ the seeming ultimate notebook?  For me, it’s largely a question of financial responsibility.  With everything going as high as they are, $10-$15 for a notebook, pocket-sized at that, is a bit much.  Factor in the familial responsibility, and I can’t justify plunking anything down for one for myself.  My wife?  Most certainly.  But me, no.  That’s why I also use the Lee Valley LogBook and a Miquelrius notebook.  Both are quite affordable, and actually a steal in comparison.  But neither are the exact replacement.  What may be?  Perhaps this.

Yes, a contest for a set of notebooks.  Shilling for some goods, yes.  But it is a true concern for this luddite-ish IT fellow.  Without my notebooks, I’d likely loose my head.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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