Of late, I’ve been quite here.  The few minutes it takes to stop and write a few comments into a post have escaped me.  There’s the bathroom remodel that seems never ending, new roles at work, fall planning for next year with respect to gardening, tending the chickens, and planning the addition of milk goats and honey bees.  All this while we’ve enjoyed the fall offerings of our region.  We’ve picked apples once so far and a sorghum/molasses festival last weekend.  So, life has been busy.

I’m still enjoying a few conversations stemming from my HR Demo that are fun and encouraging. It’s always nice to have fellow homeroasters nearby. And I’m still enjoying the beans as well. Last night, I roasted a Columbia “Perros Bravos de Huila” and an Ethiopian that escapes me now. I targeted the Columbia for a City+ finale, ending at about 435F. But the product that hit the cooler looked much too light. I’ll wait a few days and see what it’s like.

On another front, if you’re looking for an audio fix on the cheap side, check out this blog from a friend of mine. It’s an audio comic book for adults. Peruse the site, check out the demo and wait for the launch of the site in a few weeks. If you are hyper sensitive to language, be warned. This is adult, but not what I would consider overly profane; it’s contextual. So, listen, if you like.

Now, off to a bit more prep on Ecclesiastes 6 for an October 19th sermon.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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4 Responses to Lately

  1. Gerald says:

    Of late, you’ve been quite here? Does that mean you’ve been no where else? Or that the lack of quietness in your home life has left you seeking quiet solitude in the comfort of your blog so that you have indeed been “quite” here? 🙂

    Sorry, sometimes the urge to give someone a hard time overcomes my better judgment. Please forgive my poor attempt to give you a hard time in your own blog.

    I think you are going to need to buy some land soon. 10 to 20 acres might be good for a start! You are becoming more and more self-sufficient, but I do think a little more land might help make that goal a reality.

    On the coffee front, I am about to complete my fourth year as a home coffee roaster. I find that I am becoming more and more like you as days go by. In the beginning, I knew everything about every coffee I drank. I drank meditatively trying to taste the flavors that Tom described. I still do that occasionally, but I am finding that there are many days when I don’t know what coffee I’m drinking (neglected to label the pint jar) or how long ago it was roasted or what it was supposed to taste like, or what all has been blended in with it. When brewing, I still measure the water accurately, but I eyeball the amount of coffee I use and I don’t always remember to time the brewing process. Having kids underfoot does that to you, I think. That, and enough experience to know that the coffee is still going to taste great if you at least come close to the proper brewing procedure.

  2. javajeb says:

    Yes, it’s been quite here. With a new position and accompanying responsibilities at work, the bath remodel here, and the increasing demands with DW’s pregnancy, it’s been hard to find any time to post anything significant here. In fact, I’ve been so tired that I’ve not had even much of interest to say. But every once in a while, I wake up.

    As for land, that’s something we’re pondering. Maybe in several years. We’ll see. Our flock is producing between 12 and 18 eggs a week. Goats and bees TBD.

    As for coffee, I feel your pain! My roasting, if I can’t get it done on the weekend, it’s tough to catch up. Last night was a two roast night; I’ll be good until Friday or Saturday. I try to look at my roasting log and make a mental note of what I’m drinking. My brewing is so rote now that it’s highly predictable with respect to cup quality. It’s just remembering what bean I’m drinking. HR anniversary? I’m approaching 6 or 7, can’t remember which.

    Off to work on Sunday’s sermon!


  3. Gerald says:

    In our homeschool reading, we are currently reading through all the Little House on the Prairie books. Those books have been quite an education for me as they are teaching me what life was like for people in that day. What an enormous amount of hard work went into each day! And by most every member of the family, too! I’ve read some of these (and similar) books before, but I don’t think they made quite the same impression on me they are making now. Now when I read of Laura’s dad digging a water well beside the house by hand that is probably thirty feet deep, I am blown away! Amazing!

    And no, I don’t know why I felt the need to share that. Something about the hard work you must do around your place, I guess.

    Ecclesiastes 6? For some reason, the first time I read this post I thought it read Ezekiel. Thought you might be talking prophecy this time around. But Ecclesiastes 6? That will give you something to talk about!!

  4. javajeb says:

    Yep, hopefully it will give lots of great stuff to discuss. Back to writing.

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