Life and Coffee

Life at our little piece of land has been more than busy for me lately. Work is about normal, but a bit busier. Then, the remodel of the second bath. Since Saturday, August 30th, I, with the help of my mother, have gutted the bathroom. Took out the old shower, sink and vanity, toilet and floor. I’ve laid ceramic tile on the floor, framed in and set the new shower, and set the new toilet. Mom was a life saver cutting and fitting all the irregular pieces while I was at work. What’s left? Plumb in the shower, drywall the shower walls, set the tile board on the wall above the shower and tile it in. Then, drop the ceiling.

After we’re done there, I need to build a new chicken coop. Or initial one doesn’t work too well with the large birds we have. We’re also due to get three more mature hens and need more room for them. I have a plan in mind, but we’ll wait and see. One big project at a time.

I have been enjoying my aging iPod during this work. I’ve had a fun time listening to the podcasts of the White Horse Inn. It’s a theological discussion podcast hosted by a pastor/professor from Westminster Seminary California Michael Horton. It’s been encouraging and engaging. So, even when a bit overworked, you can find time to be encouraged and sharpened.

As a consequence of this pace, my coffee has been hurried as well. I’ve not had the chance to do my weekly or so roasts. It’s been the one or two batch roasts for the next few days. I’m glad I have a very good Rwandan coffee that lends itself to short rests. And then I also realized that I have a coffee roasting demo coming up in a week and a half! Where does the time go?

Solo Deo Gloria,


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  1. Jack says:

    I hear where you’re coming from with the hurried coffee

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