The Weekend

The past week has been busy, to say the least.  It doesn’t seem as if there’s enough time each day right now to accomplish what needs to be done.  Tuesday, I had the house to myself and stayed home to try and recover from a pounding headache.  That tended to make the rest of the week even busier.

But, I did get my roasting done.  Four batches on Thursday evening.  An Ethiopian, Rwandan, Kenyan and a Brazil.  The Brazil has been nice, though I can’t relate exactly what bean it was.  Also, today saw the fall cleanup begin outside, as well as starting on next years gardens.  All the detrius of kids and critters was pulled out of the yard and disposed of.  I started our pizza garden by removing a portion of the iris bulbs – they were the only thing that I could hammer out of the dry, dry, dry soil.  The Monkey Grass will stay for the forseeable future.  It’ll take several inches of rain to soften things up enough to pry that out.  So, we wait and trust that rain will come, in due time.  Fall is usually, though not always, wet here.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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