Tanzania Blackburn Estate AA

This morning, I finished off the roast batch I had of the Tanzania Blackburn Estate AA.  What was left was a bit more than I usually use for a FP, but I went ahead, anticipating a strong, bold cup.  The 56g certainly didn’t disappoint.  The cup was smooth, with the dominant feature being the winey notes Tom mentioned in the cupping notes (see above link).  The intensity, also as Tom mentioned, did peak as the cup cooled, which made for an ever-improving cup in the Travel Mug during Sunday School this morning.

Speaking of Sunday School, we’re doing an inductive study of Jonah.  It’s primarily for learning the inductive method, with the benefit of examining a very familiar, yet rich and often mis-remembered, book.  Even though we only finished Jonah 1, it’s still been an enriching work.  I’m disappointed that I’ll miss next week, but look forward to picking up with Jonah 3 on August 10th.

Speaking of August 10th, I’m preaching again.  The Sunday School 10 month interlude in Isaiah kept me out of the pulpit for most of that time.  Now finished, I’ll be back instead for our pastor while he’s away, returning to Ecclesiastes 5, where I last left off.  I’d appreciate your prayers for that.  I’ll likely be pretty quite here between now and then.  We have two birthdays to celebrate (one on August 10th), some travels, a bathroom to update, and a sermon to preach.  Not to mention the daily affairs of work, family, gardening, pets, chickens, etc.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Tanzania Blackburn Estate AA

  1. Gerald says:

    Life in the 21st century is very busy, isn’t it? I’m trying to find ways to make it less so, but it’s a difficult task.

    Your coffee sounds good. Also sounds like your roast must have been spot on. Speaking of coffee, I’ve found a local store that sells both Chemexes and filters for a reasonable price. Will pick those up Wednesday and start brewing some Chemex coffee for a change.

    Good luck with the bathroom updates. I’ll pray now for the 10th just in case the busyness of my own life makes me forget before then.

  2. javajeb says:

    Life is very busy. The constant connectedness makes for exceedingly great demands on time.

    One of the tips I received on the HR list regarding the Blackburn Estate was resting. The roast was a nice and solid FC, stopped just shy of 2nd crack. Quite enjoyable.

  3. Sartre says:

    This stuff is amazing, but I find that the berry juice/cane sugar flavors don’t last beyond 6-18 hours. After that, the wild flavors take over and it becomes a rather pedestrian African coffee . What I do is roast and age for 6 hours, then freeze it and grind on demand.

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