Week’s Roasts

Took a break this afternoon and descended to the shop to roast while the children were out playing with the new puppy.  Yes, a new puppy arrived via the Farmer’s Market last Saturday.  She’s doing well, enjoying playing with the kids.  She’s also having fun, though only supervised, with the older puppy: the size difference is just too significant for safe, independent play.

Back to the roasting.  I did a total of 6 batches: 4 singles and one 2 roast melange of the same bean.  The four singles were PNG Kimel; Kenya AA Nyeri Gochatha; Tanzania Blackburn Estate AA; Ethiopia Organic D.P. Golocha; and the melange was the end of my Brasil FTO Poco Fundo Coop.  I’m giving a smaple of the melange to an acquaintance for a taste.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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  1. Gerald says:

    That’s a lot of roasting to do at one time! But it sounds like you’ve got some great coffee to drink all this week.

    We’ve just returned from our trip to visit relatives and I’ve learned a lesson. A serious coffee drinker must be prepared for all circumstances! Our first night we were unable to stay in the city we were visiting because major construction projects there had filled every available hotel space. The motel in a nearby town we stayed in instead was something of a dive. At any rate, I refused to use their coffee brewer for my homeroast. Day 1–no coffee. Day two found us at wife’s uncle’s house, but his central air unit had just gone out earlier that day so he put us up at local motel. Thought I’d make coffee at his house for breakfast but he took us to his favorite restaurant. Day 2–coffee, but it was barely drinkable. Next day, another aunt and uncle, one of whom doesn’t drink coffee. Did get to brew some homeroast in an ancient Mr. Coffee (acquired from wife’s grandmother). Coffee pretty decent. Day 4 took us to another aunt and uncle who not only did not drink coffee but they had no coffee pot! No coffee at all that day!

    I had visions of sharing my home roast with relatives this trip but it didn’t happen. I know now that I must bring an unbreakable coffee brewer of some kind in the future. Aeropress or stainless steel French press, probably. I also learned that I CAN live a few days without coffee. That’s always good to know. 🙂

  2. Gerald says:

    By the way, Jason, how is your wife doing?

  3. javajeb says:

    DW is doing well.

    As for the roasting, that’s pretty close to what I typically do every other weekend. I do a few one-offs mid week also, but not with regularity. I went for the PNG this morning. Nice.

    As for traveling, either an AP or SS FP do well. Couple that with a Zassenhaus and some pre-vac packe beans, and you’re in business for sure. We’re heading for another family reunion in a few weeks, so I’ll be re-experimenting with the vac sealing then.

  4. Gerald says:

    Every other weekend? Does that mean your roasts are lasting you nearly 14 days?

    My wife was drinking coffee the first part of this summer which threw my roasting schedule out of whack. I had trouble keeping enough rested roast around until I, too, did multiple batches. Now that I’ve got the hang of that she’s stopped drinking again. She thinks it may be causing her some stomach problems.

    I’m also having trouble with my roasts now because my little one has managed to destroy my timer that I used for roasting. Without either a timer or an infra-red thermometer, I am having to roast solely by sight, sound and experience. Unfortunately, some of the roasts have not been ‘spot on’. Guess I will need to either replace the timer or get the infrared gauge.

    So, for trips, you are roasting, resting, then vacuum packing your roasted whole beans? I wonder if you could simplify by first grinding those beans, then vacuum packing? It would save you one more thing to pack and carry.

  5. javajeb says:

    Yep, almost 2 weeks. My roasts are usually around 120g when finished. With my proportion of 44g per 32oz FP, that’s two and change per batch. With the Chemex at 60g per 32oz, I only get two, but I’m not a regular Chemex brewer, probably no more than once or twice every two weeks.

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