Travel Recap

The vac sealed beans worked well. The one thing that I would like better is to make smaller packages. As it was, the beans ended up packed and sealed in an elongated fashion, wasting a good bit of the bag material. We’ve never tried trimming the bags in half, and resealing the edges, but I may on a future journey.

The coffee produced from the vac sealed beans was just as I would have anticipated. I still had to rely on a ziplock bag. Due to the wastefulness, I ended up sealing twice the mass of beans I’d use each day, 44 grams instead of 22 grams. My thinking was that I could more easily divide in half than do otherwise. If I can get the bags smaller, I’ll go with 22 gram portions for a ~10 ounce Aeropress. The 22 gram ration made a nice cup. I’d like to play more, but it will be a while before I have a suitable morning to do such a thing.

I leave you with one photo taken on our trip. It was shot Sunday night from the steps of Dixon Chapel, nestled in the mountains. In the distance, you can make out part of the roof of a barn that bears the Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisement. There is a bit of a blur, but try taking a shot on the edge of a porch while holding a wiggly 19 month old! I’m going to return there to get a few more pictures, including one for our family history. The great-great-great grandfather of my wife is buried in the cemetery in view.

Vista 2 - Dixon Chapel

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3 Responses to Travel Recap

  1. Gerald says:

    Experience is a great teacher! The more options you try the sooner you nail down the perfect method.

    You didn’t say much about your trip but I’m guessing you had a good one. I hope so,anyway.

    We’ve just returned from a little trip to the beach in Port Aransas and will leave on another little trip to visit relatives in north Texas in a few more days. Then it will be time to get the Fall garden started!

  2. javajeb says:

    The trip was nice and quiet. Enjoying the beauty of the mountains. And a 2.5 mile walk in a drizzle wasn’t even too bad, given that we were down several inches of rain at the time. Hadn’t had a good rain since the spring, which isn’t uncommon for here. The change was nice. And it was nice to go and not do much, but simply sit and talk with family. That’s not a common occurrence anymore, even for us.

  3. Gerald says:

    A trip to the mountains sounds nice. We have a friend who lives in Wyoming and has a cabin in the mountains. He’s invited us to drive up any time to see the sights, stay in the cabin, etc. I would really like to do that, but it’s hard to justify a trip like that with little ones–especially the new one.

    I’m glad you got some rain. I don’t think I’m living right because the rain clouds keep going around us. I’ve even watched (on radar) a thick string of rain heading right for us only to see the clouds split and go on either side of us. 😦

    We had hoped to rest on our trip, too. Wanted to just sit under an umbrella in the surf, or beside the pool sipping lemonade. Kids, though, come first. So when they wanted to go out on the boogie board, one of us had to go, too. Or when they wanted to build a sandcastle, they couldn’t seem to do it without a little parental help. We had fun, enjoying all the seafood we ate especially, but came home exhausted. Our pet dream is to go on vacation with a nanny, a photographer, and maid/servant in tow. 🙂

    For once, I decided to chance the coffee on the road for this trip. That was a mistake. One that I am working to rectify for our upcoming trip to visit relatives. I’ve got the coffee roasted and resting, and have cleaned up the hand grinder and am using it this week to adjust the grind settings to perfect. No sense in starting a day with bad coffee!

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