A Plea for Coffee Proportions

I’m on the road for a bit in the next few days, and I’m debating between taking the AP or the good ole “Columbia” French Press. I have my general proportions of coffee for the FP (44 grams/32 oz water), but not the Aeropress. Any Aeropress users have suggestions for proportions for general java (not espresso-like)? I’m thinking I’ll vac pack some homeroast and take the pre-weighed proportions along for brewing ease.

Otherwise, coffee is good here. This morning, I had a roughly 12 hour rested India Mallali Tree Dried Natural in a FP. It was a end of the bag roast and the entire roasted batch was about 52-54 grams. So, I ground all and brewed a very nice FP.

Also, I added a book to my current reading list, but alas, I finished it today at lunch. The Binding of the Blade is quite a nice series. Check it out if you like fantasy/sci-fi.


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  1. See if this helps:

    On Jun 30, 2008, at 3:20 PM, Tom & Maria – Sweet Maria’s Coffee wrote:

    > for drip type coffee, i use 22 grams to result in about 10 ounces, then adjust it with a little hot water if it seems too strong. I am not sure what other people do – the grind for this is basically a drip grind toward the finer end of things. I used to use much less water and make more of an extract, then add more hot water. Not I basically fill it once, stir, add more hot water, put the plunger in the top to keep it from dripping/draining, leave it about 1 minute, then plunge.


  2. javajeb says:

    Saw that. Thanks. Do you use an AP?

  3. Sorry, I don’t. Otherwise I’d try to help out.

  4. javajeb says:

    So, what I’m intending on doing is taking the following hardware:
    Zass Knee Mill
    AP setup
    Travel Mug

    I’m investigating, via the HR list, how I might vac seal 22g doses of coffee for easy, premeasured packets.

    If I can figure it out, I’ll report back with a post next week on the outcome.

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